Trying 2021 Nail Art Trends 

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Jan 9, 2021




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Comments 100   
josephine margeret
josephine margeret 16 minutes ago
I felt so attacked when she made eye contact with the camrea and said stop biting ur nails as I was biting my nails
Amy Ethelston
Amy Ethelston 17 minutes ago
I've been matching my nails to my mask since having to wear one. instagram.com/p/CFJ0sqCBB5T/?igshid=ja1yewujriwt instagram.com/p/CGNfHHWhjtj/?igshid=14urexc200h
Diana Garcia
Diana Garcia 20 minutes ago
I love to keep my nails long, but I have to keep it short and clean cuz I work with food, so when I’m not at the kitchen y use press on nails... wish I could do some nail art on my beautiful long nails again 😭😭😭
April Gnaf
April Gnaf 30 minutes ago
Christen talks about growing your nails and stop biting them: Come on stop biting them, talking to you Me: *intense breathing* HOW'D YOU KNOW
Narnia Queen
Narnia Queen 45 minutes ago
Lol this shouldn’t be called “trying 2021 nail art trends” it should be Cristene revealing all the secret polishes
Aoi Hoshiko
Aoi Hoshiko Hour ago
I'm from the future this year is shit we don't want it to last longer
Sophia & Isma
Sophia & Isma Hour ago
My nails are growing and I want to cut them but I also want to have long ones AHHHHHHHHH
Adrienne Tomsic
I love how you are so excited about the polish you are creating that you can't help but use it and show it before it's launched. And that article......smh. imagine being a writer waiting for your big break and they slap this assignment on your desk during a pandemic?? But I guess you have to still live life either way. 😂😂😂
MyKayla Hill
MyKayla Hill Hour ago
I like how the first “trend” is just how I’ve been doing my nails for years. 😂 no one can call me weird now
Ellie Devlin
Ellie Devlin 2 hours ago
SimP FoR SimPlY
People say “butter makes it better”. They deadass wrong. Holo makes it better, not butter
Molly m
Molly m 2 hours ago
Bottom right corner for the first minute. WHAT IS THAT FOR
S U N 2 hours ago
I love holo taco, but it’s honestly refreshing to see some polishes outside of the brand. I tend to get kinda burned out on those colors and since it’s fairly new she has to use the same colors over and over because there aren’t many yet, this video was the perfect mix of both!
lus agus aquarium
lus agus aquarium 2 hours ago
waw tu parle le français comme une merde...
Beauty Squad SA
Beauty Squad SA 3 hours ago
I loved your mask set
Evilly GG
Evilly GG 3 hours ago
Not only we got Simpy Voice over, but also Simply Face Over! Two in one Deal! x'D
Karin Wegner
Karin Wegner 3 hours ago
I like your own style much, much better! HOLO rules! and nothing else...... All my best new years wishes for all of you! 👍✌️😘😸💖
I'm Jazlyn Hilario
I'm Jazlyn Hilario 4 hours ago
Your hairstyle be looking like Ariana Grande Cristine .
Jtzkb 4 hours ago
That pink ceme' looks great
TwitchyWitch95 4 hours ago
@simplynailogical you actually helped me kick my nail picking habit to the point that I can finally do a proper manicure. Granted I'm only interested in black nail polish but your tips were so helpful
Lunarshine 2007
Lunarshine 2007 4 hours ago
I think there'll be some people who paint their nails black and wear silver rings because simps
Lucci gang
Lucci gang 4 hours ago
Cristine, i have something cool that i do on youtube! i got an oculus vr set for cristmas, and you can watch youtube on it. and you can move the screen around this theater looking thing, and i watch your channel while lying in bed, bc i moved the screen above me. p.s. the color quality is way better on my computer. holo is coming to me! ❤️
Hailey Grant
Hailey Grant 5 hours ago
I am wearing the same nails as her right now!!!!!(the press on ones)
ASMR Twix 5 hours ago
*this video popped up right after my latest video😅because I uploaded new video today me getting my nails done in Japan. I'm happy to be here❤*
yantszching0709 5 hours ago
Could you please make a video of RECREATING THe WORST NAILART on the internet?😍
Salted Caramel Sundae
My nails especially my thumb nails have been broken about 5 times last year 😔 still tryna grow them thou 👌
Julie 5 hours ago
cristine im gay i cant grow out my nails
Julie 5 hours ago
wake_up_and_sleep 5 hours ago
when ur a musician and cant grow out ur nails :(
insane112002 5 hours ago
your rainbow nails were much better cause they were holo
Rachel Meyer
Rachel Meyer 6 hours ago
Lol I already did mask matching.
Addison Potato
Addison Potato 6 hours ago
Christine😩I want to get your nail polish’s but I am poor 🥲
Chevi Fannin
Chevi Fannin 6 hours ago
You should make holo masks if you can😋
Jessica S
Jessica S 6 hours ago
Cristine's nails: SIMP...... LY
Keshy Hiragi Kurosaki
SIMP For simply
AngieSoEpic360 7 hours ago
The Mask nails took me out 😂
Sissi Huang
Sissi Huang 7 hours ago
For another water marble video that might come 3 years later.. watermarble ur nails
Kaylee Finstuen
Kaylee Finstuen 8 hours ago
i have already seen someone do the second one on tiktok
Abbie Mason
Abbie Mason 8 hours ago
“I was on THE google”
Aqua a̴n̶u
Aqua a̴n̶u 9 hours ago
Can you make anime on your nails?
Lucy Spears
Lucy Spears 9 hours ago
I am a health care worker I don't have that time
KLH 10 hours ago
As a nail biter, the part where she said 'stop biting to nails, yes I'm talking to you' made me smile. I will try simply :)
Marika O’Connell
Marika O’Connell 10 hours ago
i would grow out my nails but i’m a lesbian i can’t 👁👄👁
Darija Azarić
Darija Azarić 10 hours ago
My friend also likes to grow her nails and we have a p.e. teacher which doesnt allow any girl to do p.e. until she cuts her nails off and he allways brings nail clippers.My friend has nails that even when they are cut you can still just see the pink of her nails they still look long.
Mandy Doyle
Mandy Doyle 10 hours ago
When will holo taco be stocked in the uk 😭 if ever? Would love to get some 💿💅
abbie carlson
abbie carlson 13 hours ago
Were I am it is 5:15am!
Maddie Nicole
Maddie Nicole 14 hours ago
how does one paint their nails without smudging or imprinting them?? i don’t know if each layer isn’t fully dry when i add another or if I’m making them too thick, but for me it always ends up super smooshy and takes forever to try! they always mess up :(
Jessica Brady
Jessica Brady 14 hours ago
“It’s that stay at home and leave me alone look” it’s like 3 am and I laughed out loud and scared my hubby. Oops. That’s Cristine.
Paige Louise
Paige Louise 15 hours ago
I have press on right now lol
stef 15 hours ago
I feel so called out about the growing out the nails and stop biting them part.
Jonathan Tuitasi
Jonathan Tuitasi 16 hours ago
Your nail art is amazing more so than the one provided as the comparison.
Anna Aiello
Anna Aiello 16 hours ago
You could make holo masks! 💕😝
Lightbluesky01 17 hours ago
I love that pink polish!!! It’s so pretty
Abby Ashworth
Abby Ashworth 17 hours ago
i would grow out my nails but i cant cuz i play guitar and i cant play with nails
Laura C
Laura C 17 hours ago
Can I just get a date for the next Holo Taco launch?? Or even just a time frame?!? I’m dying over here 🥲🤣
Firebird 17 hours ago
The "Mute" example is more vomit pistachio green and very very ugly while i actually liked your green Also, literally the only reason I wear press on/glue on nails is because the designs last longer than any polish I put on due to my job, and because I can't grow my nails out at all. They start ripping and breaking
Audrey Mae
Audrey Mae 17 hours ago
"... And don't use your nails as tools." Why would Cristine attack me like that?
isabella miller
isabella miller 18 hours ago
lily rose depp
celeste 18 hours ago
But can we talk about how Cristine never ages
Keeshia Esguerra
Keeshia Esguerra 18 hours ago
ugh I missed Cristine’s nail humor
Anamika Annu
Anamika Annu 18 hours ago
JJ Girls
JJ Girls 19 hours ago
Simply do a holo mani with me video!!
cassy m
cassy m 19 hours ago
Can you watch troomtrooms dad vs daughter video?? The "dad" looks exactly like BEYN :)
Mary Vargas
Mary Vargas 19 hours ago
Legally Pink
gummmybearreina 20 hours ago
ahahahaha me: *a prolific mail biter wearing press ons*
Alize0M0 ._.
Alize0M0 ._. 20 hours ago
I am SOOOO late but i recently discover that the nail polish I have is the type that never NEVER dries and I would like to buy real good (holo) nail polish but i don't want to waste the polish I have (even if it is a nightmare) cus I am trying to not waste it. I am trying to ask if there are posible ways to use bad nail polish for something.
Boop Snoot
Boop Snoot 20 hours ago
Yayyyyy this video brought me back to the good ol' days 😅 your nail art is the best!
Janette Brown
Janette Brown 20 hours ago
So excited for the new polishes coming out!!!
isabella munoz
isabella munoz 20 hours ago
I'm a small kid and I'm asking is I'm like 10 and can you stop saying bad words and also do more nail art pls and thank you
Jacklynn Wehrle
Jacklynn Wehrle 20 hours ago
im sad cuz i have sideways nails so i can't really grow mine out or do cool stuff with them. :(
Connie Panda Gilchrist
This gives me an excuse to yell SIMP
Breanna Stephens
Breanna Stephens 21 hour ago
"Just grow your nails out. You can do it!" All the people with health problems who literally cant grow nails: 😭😭😭😭😭 Why you gotta attack me like that 😭😭😭😭😭
Gretchen Cox
Gretchen Cox 21 hour ago
My eczema has gotten really bad
Heather Hartsfield
Heather Hartsfield 22 hours ago
So, where did you get that sweater? 🥰😬
Yo Tango
Yo Tango 22 hours ago
Simply doing nail art? I don’t believe it!
Daniela Baptista
Daniela Baptista 22 hours ago
I don't know why I'm watching this... I'm a nursing student... so I have to have really short nails and can't paint them...
Jessica Adams
Jessica Adams 22 hours ago
" its the year of growing your nails out" " stop biting them" OH MAN she called me out
Raven Rujovana
Raven Rujovana 23 hours ago
Try Doing ASMR nail art!
Zanvis shipper For life
Zoe Shaw
Zoe Shaw 23 hours ago
Simply saying not the be an ass hole by going on trips and seeing friends. Me watching this video in a car on the way to a hotel
Zofia Wolfie
Zofia Wolfie Day ago
simp nails
Bethany B
Bethany B Day ago
Hearing you say it's gonna be my year, after breaking 3 nails this week, gives me hope. Wish me luck!
Makeup By LeeAnn
I have thin nails I doubt it
Carl Grimes
Carl Grimes Day ago
Haha, earlier while thinking about what nail design I should do I was wondering if you could use peely base under smoothing base! great to know I can do that. Love you simply!
Divasaur Day ago
I can't grow out my nails , I'm a lesbian
Divasaur Day ago
She still can't pronounce excema currently crying. Also she doesn't know about simp
Kageyama’s Milk boxes
I like how she tells us this is the year to grow out our nails and gives us tips and I do wanna grow out my nails...but I do ✨Welding✨ :,)
Nails By Sue
Nails By Sue Day ago
I still find it amazing that someone has 7.7M subscribers, mind you, it is Christine so I shouldn't be !
Humnah Rehman
Cristine can you try acrylic pour art on your nails?
Shy Galadriel
You made me laugh so hard.
sensei Day ago
𝖘 𝖎 𝖒 𝖕
I’m an Owl
I’m an Owl Day ago
I have the most fragile nails tho 🥺 like they break instantly 🥺
Duygu Yılmaz
Wait... This was a nail art channel? I completely forgot 🙄
Zoë Smith
Zoë Smith Day ago
Could've spelt out holo taco on her nails
Kokichi’s Fanta
I’m watching this while biting my nails 💀
Danielle Lathan
I'm someone who genetically has paper thin nails that peel off. No amount of nail oil or vitamins is going to change my genetics. to prevent my nails from peeling off painfully short, I keep some form of harder cover on them. When I'm lazy that means press ons, When i have the time, i do dip powder. sometimes thin layer of dip powder in a neutral color topped with whatever gel color i want but just gel polish isnt enough
Jada D
Jada D Day ago
Every time you recreated the photos it SENT me
Heather Seals
Thanks for posting love ooo
Olivia Coffey
She should’ve wrote BEYYN on her nails
Cheyenne Slate
The only thing that makes me sad about working in a health care field is we can’t grow out our nails and are very limited and nail polish options 😭😭 i understand why but it sucks
Eesha Kaushik
1:25 ex EEEEE ma???? its ex im a l i k e c a n y o u e n g l i s h ? Note: i love simply she is the best - been watching her for 2 years and i have watched every single one of her videos from every single channel :)
Kitten Love
Kitten Love Day ago
Kitten Love
Kitten Love Day ago
I also call it eczEma